RISOFEST is our annual group show. We gather a bunch of artists, photographers, designers and printmakers to join The Sunshine Press in a series of workshops ahead of a super fun group art show held in our Studio on the Sunshine Coast QLD.

Entry is either free or minimal cost to the artists with a split of commission on sales and the ability to purchase any left over prints for your own purposes. Sales are initially at the show and then online here. Workshops and build up are often filmed for social media and promotion so a willingness to embrace that at a level you are comfortable with is required.

The date of the show is TBA but is slated for early September 2022

Please APPLY for the 2022 show below and checkout the recap of last year here

Please let us know how and where to find examples of your work online
Printmaking Experience?
RISO or not we don't mind but printmaking experience means that you understand a lot of what makes RISO work