In 2021 the creative agency were fortunate to be able to acquire an SF9350 Risograph printer. With a global pandemic to manage there were a lot of competing interests between agency work and getting a new RISO Print service off the ground but since the machine arrived in late January 2021 the agency team were able to find some interludes to up skill and learn the basic skills and workflow to get some personal and commercials projects off the ground.

From here on in The Sunshine Press will be the brand under which we build our niche printing offering from our studio on the Sunshine Coast

What is Risograph?

Risograph (Riso for short) prints are made with a Risograph printer. It looks like a photocopier, but works as a screenprinter; using rich spot colours and stencils to create tactile and vibrant prints, affordably and with little impact to our environment.

What We Do

We print art works for illustrators, print makers, designers and zine makers.