The Sunshine Press pricing guide is as follows

Please send us your artwork files to ensure that the project is suitable for Risograph printing.

Masters (Colours)$10 each
Per page cost – 100gsm Envirocare stock $0.80 per sheet
Per page cost – 150gsm Envirocare stock $1.10 per sheet
Per page cost – 250gsm Envirocare stock $1.50 per sheet
DIY or Source other stockPOA


50 copies of a 3 colour print on 250gsm Envirocare stock

  • Setup = $100
  • 3 x Masters = $30
  • Per page = 50 * $1.50

Total = $205 or ~$4 per print – inc gst.

A word about colours

The Sunshine Press currently has these colour drums as part of our setup. Hex codes given here to help you approximate how things may look in you design software.


Bright Red #F15060

Medium Blue