Maleny Descents


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In this piece, Brisbane native Liam Webber (@dxxpweb) skates down one of the Blackall Range’s numerous stunning descents. The print is an AI-generated canvas rendition of the original photograph taken by Calvin, which is set against a grungy pink mask that reveals the photograph’s original content. Calvin Skinner has spent the last eleven years photographing action sports and downhill skateboarding (among other things) in South East Queensland and around the world, working to increase opportunities for Australian skaters to connect with brands across the Pacific, the United States, and further abroad. Calvin comes to RISO with a strong desire to resurrect 1980s and 1990s zine-style imagery while adapting it to modern-day action sports. **** Images here are digital approximations only. RISOGRAPH printing is not perfect and some minor colour changes are inevitable.

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