RISOFEST 2021 was held at The Sunshine Press studio 18-20th November.

We had 14 amazing local artists who we worked with to produce a limited edition risograph print. These artists were from a range of disciplines and some had never exhibited before or used a risograph where others are seasoned professionals and print makers.

Highlights from our workshops and the show itself below.

The Artists

Em Niwa


Em Niwa (Emilia Cilento) is an artist, illustrator, occasional tattooist and aspiring muralist living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Erin Bacchi


Sunshine Coast artist, Erin Bacchi, creates boho and coastal-luxe style artwork that will add fresh vibes to any space.

Xato Stencil


Having studied in a Fine Arts High school, he is well versed in the history of arts, sculpture, engraving techniques, silkscreen, etc

Kristen Calle


Ageing skateboarder, average musician, paid interior designer, overpriced furniture maker, obvious dilettante.

Alison Myers


Brisbane based designer with a refined & exploitative approach. I’m a go-getter with grit; constantly experimenting with new & niche technology. There’s always a never ending list of personal
projects to further my journey as a designer.

Stephen John Bryde


I’m a spare-time artist and enjoy the freedom of just ‘creating’ outside of my daily design work. I work with markers in shades of grey, or water colours and brush pens.

Joel West


I’m a Practicing Artist studying at university. Always wanting to try new methods and ways to make my art and RISOFEST has given me an opportunity to do so. My artworks consist of digital illustrations of both figurative and abstract objects/people while also looking at dystopian-like concepts.

Sam Dow


I’ve been wanting to do some Riso printing for a while now, So have been following @the_sunshinepress recent acquisition of a Risograph machine with great interest! Working mostly with photography, I want to see what the whimsical colours and off set imperfections can do to a photograph and more.

Evelyn Marina


I’m a mixed-media artist and graphic designer guided by the wondrous magic of the ocean. I produce abstract works on canvas, paper, fabric, and everyday objects I decide to turn blue. 

Shikani Sargent


I’ve always wanted to experiment with riso-printing, my art practice involves a lot of bold colour’s so I’m excited to see what effects I can create with this new medium!



The visual alter-ego of Brian Keayes, Australian multimedia artist & designer, is best known for provocative projection art on sculpture and landscapes.

Bella Rankine



If there’s one thing I can’t say no to, it’s learning a new niche visual art form, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty with RISOFEST!




Many artists use machines of some shape or form to facilitate their vision but I approach machines with a more collaborative mindset. Not just tools of the trade but entities that have their own inputs and nuances.Drawing machines, laptops, web servers, algorithms, laser cutters, projectors etc all affect the work in ways that I couldn’t predict and I actively make space for this in my approach.

Megan Victoria Gilbert



I am an Australian artist, living and working on the Sunshine Coast. My art practice is primarily focused on my own experienced landscapes, the flora and fauna within them, and the symbiotic relationships between all living things.

The Prints